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Top Range

The Fun-Filled After Hours Experience! Range now has 40 stalls!

Top Range is all about a fun, recreational golf experience. A modern change for the historic game, golf at WestRidge's Top Range is all about relaxing, enjoying the outdoors, and providing the perfect activity to brighten your nights and weekends. No pressure - and lots of fun. Come with friends, your family, or take this opportunity to meet some new people. Top Range is great for all groups, and is located right next to our Pavilion.

Current Range Hours

Closing times are reflective of when the last bucket is given out. The range will close 30 minutes after the last bucket.

Days Times
Monday Sunrise - 5:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM - 8:30 PM
Wed/Thurs/Sun Sunrise - 8:30 PM
Fri/Sat Sunrise - 9:30 PM

WestRidge Golf Course
9055 N Cotton Ridge Rd
McKinney, TX 75070